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Staffing Options

Temporary/Contract Staffing Solutions

CORE Services Inc. is experienced in providing reliable and dependable temporary employees for filling short and long term staffing assignments.

Many of our clients have realized the benefits of using contract/temporary staff form CORE Services Inc.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

At CORE Services Inc. we assist small, medium and large businesses in employing top talent that is needed to be successful. Whether the position is entry level or senior management, CORE Services will ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the role.

Our national network of professionals, as well as our recruitment expertise and knowledge in the market, makes CORE Services a premier supplier of recruitment services.

Identifying, locating and attracting the best candidate for our clients is our primary goal. CORE Services partners with and acts as an extension of your company when recruiting. CORE Services has the expertise to effectively understand our clients’ needs. We ensure that all candidates have both the technical and interpersonal skills required to be successful.

Core Services Inc. does offer a replacement guarantee on individuals that have been placed by Core Services Inc. Please contact your sales representative for further details regarding terms and conditions.

Payroll Services

CORE Services Payroll service allows our client to utilize our established system to pay individuals sourced directly or indirectly. Our process is seamless and convenient for both the individual on payroll as well as our client. Having individuals on our payroll also gives our clients protection, as we are the employer of record.

Many of our clients have realized the benefits of using our Payroll services:

Onsite Personnel

CORE Services onsite personnel is designed for large scale hiring initiatives. Our onsite support allows us to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our experienced recruiters can put in place the necessary standards needed to recruit, screen, and hire employees. This will allow our clients to quickly ramp up their work force.

Human Resources Consulting

CORE Services Human Resources Consulting service provides expertise covering all facets of human resources.

Many of our clients have realized the benefits of using our HR Consulting Services: